About us

Villa Lara is located in a small and quiet village of Brist on the south of Makarska Riviera. It was built in the late eighties of the last century and has been completely reconstructed and renovated in 2016. In the reconstruction of the house, modern, but also traditional materials were used, so the Villa represents the perfect combination of quality and tradition of this region.

Villa Lara is located right next to the clear blue sea with a beautiful natural pebble beach in front of the house. You can spend unforgettable moments, enjoying the spectacular open view of the sea or watching the sunsets at the stone decorated terrace.

The Villa itself has 4 modern equipped bedrooms and two spacious bathrooms, one on each floor of the house. On the upper floor a balcony is located and you can enjoy a spectacular view from all the bedrooms on the first floor.

The complete house is air-conditioned and ceiling fans are available in each room to make your stay even more pleasant.


Fun Facts about Villa Lara; Former owner of the house, Ivan Miošić was born in Brist in 1911 and during the First World War he and his family emigrated to the South African Republic. In his new home, he became a respected businessman and made a successful career. However, the desire for the first homeland was strong and in 1988 he built this house on the foundations of his home in Brist, on this way Ivan renewed the connection with the place of his ancestors.

Mr. Ivan Miošić was also a great benefactor of this region. He financed many projects in Brist, for an example, a walkway towards the neighboring town of Gradac, arranging springhead in Brist, and he appropriately authorized his friend, Mr. Rajko Marušića to sell the house after his death and to donate all the money to the town of Brist and the municipality of Gradac for various public projects and needs. Grateful citizens of Brist made a bust honouring their fellow citizen.

In 2013, the family Dominiković bought this house, completely restored and renovated it in the period until 2016, and from 2018. they decided to offer it to the guests during tourist season.


Type Vila
Location Brist
Number of person
Not allowed
Year of adaptation
Space size
cca 188m²
View on sea
Kitchen 1
Bathrooms 2
Parking Yes - 2


  • Boat rental: 1 km
  • Water park: 2 km
  • Tracks: 20 m
  • Distance from the first neighbors: 5 m
  • Distance from grocery store: 200 m
  • Distance from restaurant: 30 m
  • Distance from nearest town: 38 km (Makarska)
  • Distance from the sea: 2 m (Gravel beach)

Please note that the distances are rough and expressed in the airline.